Types of meditation

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing attention inwards. The focus of inward attention could be on a mantra, the breathing process (inhalation and exhalation), a vision, an emotion, an area of the body, or even someone else. Some people use meditation to relax and help with anxiety, others useRead More →

Top Reasons To Enjoy Green Smoothies.

Are you feeling tired all the time Did you gain weight Does your skin looks tired Is your energy level barely there Are you having health issues Then is about time that you start appreciate yourself and help your body to recover. You can do that by making healthier choicesRead More →

Earthing for health

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. So; Earthing, also known as Grounding, is an act of making direct contact barefoot or skin with the earth. Did you know that human is connected to Sun andRead More →


We are what we eat. Food has the ability to influence – positively or negatively – each cell and organic system in our body. Our choice can make us tired and bloated or light and energized. It helps us feel calm and clear minded or contributes to exhaustion. We makeRead More →


Today’s society fast life is not doing us any favors. Working hours are longer, our lives are overwhelming and we are feeling lonelier, which all leads us to live our lives routinely. Our minds are full of concerns, such as money, food, job, family, friends … Meditation helps us toRead More →

Aura - Seven Bodies Of Man

To understand chakras we first have to understand that as humans we have a 7-fold series of bodies arranged in ascending order. The rule of spiritual life is balance. Only when our bodies are well aligned and integrated do we have unity. As there are seven bodies, so there areRead More →

Chakras System

The concept of human aura – Human’s BioEnergy Field, the shiny body, which covers human body, is 1000s of years old concept. This is confirmed by religious paintings from the ancient Egypt, India, Greece and other more or less known civilizations. Aura was also studied in laboratories all over theRead More →

Green Smoothie For Health

Green smoothies are not only delicious drinks but are also very beneficial for health. TOP 10 Green Smoothie Benefits: VERY NUTRITIOUS. They are exceedingly nutritious as they are made with 40% organic green ingredients and 60% of ripe fruit mix. There is no kind of artificial ingredients present in itRead More →